Eradicating Child Sexual Abuse (ECSA) - explore the responses being collected

Here you can explore the effective or promising primary, secondary and tertiary prevention responses to child sexual abuse we are including in this project.

By clicking on the below image, you can access the Prezi Presentation showing the many responses within the prevention framework. The Prezi contains the responses name and short description. For the full summary, use the links on this page (below the Prezi presentation).

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Full summaries of responses

Below you will find a list of responses in alphabetical order. As full summaries are completed they will be added to this page and these names will become links.

1. Adapted LMN SOTP 
2. Adapted NMC SOTP
3. TBC
4. All About Us
5. An Exceptional Child’s Guide to Touch
6. Assess the Risk, Protect the Child
7. Assessing and Treatment Programme for Women who have sexually abused a child/children
8. Balancing Act 
9. Barnardo’s support for young people following exploitation
10. Barnardo's Base Project
11. Be Safe
13. Body Safety Training
14. Break the Silence
15. TBC 
16. Bystander Interventions    
17. Change for Good 
18. Challenge Programme
19. Children with Sexual Behaviour Problems CBT Programme
20. Childhood Sexuality A Guide for Parents - book     
21. Circles of Support and Accountability
22. Chauraha
23. Childline
24. Childline Schools Service
25. Childline South Africa Advocacy
26. Childline South Africa Therapeutic Programmes
27. Commit to Kids – book/resources online for parents and for organisations working with children 
28. Core SOTP
29. Couples Programme 
30. Courtney’s House
31. Covenants of Care
32. CPSU Standards     
33. CROGA 
34. Cybersex Unhooked
35. DA Briggs, NOTA Individualised Treatment Resource
36. ECPAT Programme for young men in Peru  
37. ECPAT work with marginalised youth 
38. Espace romand de prevention DIS NO
39. Everyone’s Got a Bottom
40. Exceptional Children's Guide to Touch
41. Expect Respect (Austin)      
42. Expect Respect (UK)                             
43. Exposed                                                           
44. Extended SOTP 
45. Facing the Future   
46. Family Intervention for children/families of female sex offenders 
47. Female Offenders – assessment/treatment     
48. Footprints – Steps to a Healthy Life      
49. GEMS
50. GMap
51. Good touch/bad touch 
52. Green House – 2 programmes, one each for adults and young people   
53. Healthy Youth Programmes 
54. Hedgehogs
55. Helping Children with Sexual Behaviour Problems - booklet
56. Helping Mothers Move Forward
57. In the Shadows of the Net (book)
58. Hope House
59. HSP SOTP       
60. Inform      
61. Inform+ 
62. Inform Young People      
63. Internet Safety Seminars 
64. Internet Safety Seminars - primary school aged children
65. IOC Video on Sexual Harassment
66. IS for children with learning difficulties
67. Is This Normal? Understanding Your Child’s Sexual Behaviour – book
68. It's Not Your House
69. IWF Hotline
70. Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum, South Australia
71. Keeping Ourselves Safe
72. Kia Marama Sex Offender Treatment Programme
73. Kid and Teen Safe
74. Kids in the Know
75. Leisurewatch
76. Let’s Talk About Touching
77. Let’s Talk About Sex
78. Letting the Future In
79. TBC
80. Man to Man      
81. Marie Collins Foundation
82. Men as Partners
83. Mencare
84. Multi-systemic therapy for youths with problematic sexualised behaviour
85. My Body Belongs to Me
86. My Dangerous Lover Boy
87. My Life My Choice (MLMC)
88. No Hay Excusas
89. NSPCC Advice and Information for Parents     
90. NSPCC Child Victim Group
91. NSPCC Protect and Respect
92. One Man Can
93. Parents Protect!
94. Parents Protect! Across Communities 
95. Parents Protect Plus!
96. Personal safety for looked-after children
97. Portman Clinic
98. Porn Trap
99. Professionals Protect!
100. Programme for Young People in YOIs
101. Programme H      
102. Programmes from Dublin Conference
103. Protective Behaviour Workbook
104. Red Card Campaign
105. Restorative Justice Interventions
106. Rolling SOTP  
107. SAA 
108. SAFE Programme 
109. Safe and Healthy Relationships (Family Lives)  
110. Safe Dates 
111. Safe-T (Sexual Abuse Family Education and Treatment)   
112. Safer Recruitment
113. Securus
114. Securus Schools 
115. SEEN –Support to End Exploitation Now
116. Sex Addicts Anonymous
117. Sex and Relationship Education DVDs     
118. Sex Education in the Curriculum
119. Sexting Advice in Schools – Jools Constant!
120. Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport - International Olympic Committee Video
121. Sexting Advice in Schools
122. Sexual Abuse: Family Education and treatment programme
123. Shakti
124. Shema Koli Helpline
125. Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept
126. Soul City
127. Space Invaders – a game about boundaries
128. Stay Safe
129. Staying Safe 
130. Stepping Stones  
131. Stewards of Children   
132. Stop Child Prostitution    
133. Stop it Now! Helpline 
134. Stop it Now! UK & Ireland
135. Stop, South Island New Zealand
136. Stop the violence
137. SWAY
138. Strong Mothers
139. Support to end exploitation now
140. Supporting Positive Parenting Programme
141. Talking Pants
142. Teen Boundaries Sexual Bullying Programme
143. The Green House
144. The Porn Trap
145. The Sexual Exploitation of Children
146. The NSPCC Underwear Rule Campaign
147. The Te Piriti Sex Offender Treatment Programme
148. Therapeutic Treatment Orders
149. Thinkuknow
150. Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Parents   
151. Traffic Light Tools
152. Together for Girls
153. Trauma focused cognitive behaviour therapy
154. Turn the Page
155. UN red card campaign
156. Unspoken Words (Le Parole Non Dette) 
157. Very Young Girls
158. Video Training Course - Rehabilitation of Children that have been sexually abused
159. Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence Against Women and Girls
160. Voices Against Violence
161. Wellstop Special Needs Programme, NZ
162. Wesley’s World book 1
163. Wesley’s World book 2
164. Wesley’s World Book 3
165. Whitney Academy
166. Wolvercote Clinic
167. Women as Protectors 
168. Youth Spark Voices
169. YP Inform+
170. Zipit