Services for Individuals and Families

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation offers a range of services for individuals and families looking for help, advice, support and intervention with regard to issues surrounding child sexual abuse.

Stop it Now! UK and Ireland Freephone, Confidential Helpline

This is a unique Freephone confidential helpline and email service - 0808 1000 900 / - which offers advice, information and support to those worried about their own sexual thoughts and behaviours towards children; adults worried about the behaviours of someone they know; the parents of young people with worrying sexual behaviours; and professionals seeking advice or services in relation to someone with whom they are working. More information about the Stop it Now! Helpline. 

Relapse prevention / structured help / intervention

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation offers face-to-face sessions for those who have committed offences, or are worried about their potential to offend, and are wishing to access a structured programme aimed at addressing and changing risky behaviour patterns. To talk about what is available, contact the office on 01372 847160 or email

Help for people worried about someone else

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation has years of experience of working with the partners and families of both victims and perpetrators, as well as those seeking prevention advice due to concerns in the family. Specialist practitioners can meet face-to-face. To talk about what is available, contact the office on 01372 847160 or email

Working with Internet (child pornography) offending

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation works with people who have committed offences on the Internet, particularly in relation to viewing, downloading and/or distributing indecent images of children. We also work with members of their family to help them address the questions and issues the behaviour of their loved one has raised.

Download our Internet Abuse Services Leaflet

Inform and Inform Plus

Inform Plus and Inform are educational courses for adult Internet offenders and their families and friends. Click here for more information.

Inform for Young People

Inform for Young People is a programme for children and young people with concerning internet behaviour and their families. Click here for more information.

Get Help

Our anonymous and Get Help website (previously known as Croga), full of information, advice and support for individuals who have been accessing indecent images of children, their family and friends, and professionals.

Internet monitoring

Securus is a computer monitoring service, administered by LFF, which allows people to use the Internet responsibly while capturing any illegal or potentially risky activity. This encourages users to stop and think about what they are doing online. For more information download our leaflet or contact our Internet Services Administrator on 01372 847160.

Prevention Education

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation also manages the child sexual abuse prevention campaign Stop it Now! UK and Ireland. Along with producing literature and awareness raising materials such as posters and postcards, campaign staff carry out awareness raising sessions in schools, Children’s Centres and with community groups. A number of training days for professionals are also held each year. Visit for more information.

We also manage – a child sexual abuse prevention and awareness website which helps parents and carers do the best they can to protect their children from sexual abuse. The site is a useful resource of information, guidance and resources.


As a charity, the Lucy Faithfull Foundation has to make a charge for some of our services to help us cover our costs. In some cases, we can offer subsidised sessions. Please contact us for further details.