Adult female sexual abusers


The vast majority of attention on sex crimes has focused on men as the sexual abusers, and the increased awareness of females as sexual abusers has only surfaced in recent years.  This means that professionals will often lack the confidence in their ability to adequately identify and respond to situations where sexual abuse of children by women may have occurred.

At The Lucy Faithfull Foundation we have a strong practice base of work with women who commit sex offences, and whilst we know that male and female sexual abusers may have factors in common, we also know from our practice and from the growing body of research that there are also differences, and we believe that the identified differences indicate the need to develop gender–responsive assessment, interventions and management strategies.  

Decision making with sexually abusive females is informed by comprehensive assessment information and takes into account multiple factors.  We base these on our understanding and practice experience of the unique needs and differing typologies and therefore offer an approach tailored for individual women.

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Recognising female sexual abuse against children: consciousness raising

This course draws on lessons learnt from research and practice to increase knowledge about female sexual abuse and develop skills for engaging with these women in a gender responsive way. It will be of interest to practitioners from health and social care, education and criminal justice.

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