Adult male sexual abusers


Fundamental to our training is an understanding about what motivates male sexual abusers, how they manipulate and groom the child victim and others around them, and how they maintain the secrecy surrounding their sexually abusive behaviour.

We believe that sexual abusers must be held accountable for their actions.  We also believe that changing sexual abusers is one of the best ways of protecting children, therefore the essence of assessment lies in determining which abusers and potential abusers are troubled by their sexual thoughts regarding children and wish to change, and those that are not motivated to change and present an on-going risk to children and young people. 

To protect the child it is vital that we include the results of research into the nature, extent and probable causes of sexual abusing, the effects on victims and their families, the effective prevention of sexual abuse, and the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of sexual abusers or likely sexual abusers.

Course title Brief Overview Length Level

Understanding child sexual abusers

The course is for staff who work with children, from a range of different agencies, who have no experience in the field of child sexual abuse but whose role in protecting children is essential.

1 day


Understanding sexual abusers: A practitioners guide

The training is designed to enhance the skills of professionals undertaking assessment and/or treatment of sexual abusers.  It provides an introduction to the theoretical perspectives and practical exercises that can be used by staff in assessment work.

1 day


Fantasy and arousal management: Training for practitioners working with sexual abusers

This course involves developing specific understanding, skills and application for practitioners involved in assessment, treatment and risk management of child sexual abusers.

1 day


Child Sexual Abuse Decision making for Child Protection Professionals: A framework for post investigation

The course provides a framework for post investigation assessment where there has been alleged, but unproven, sexual abuse, or the convictions were some time ago and there are questions about the safety of the children in the household.

1 day


Integrated assessment of known, suspected and alleged adult male sexual abusers and mothers/partners

The course is designed to assist in the difficult task of assessment in situations where the child is believed; there is no conviction or prosecution, but there is alleged, suspected or known sexual abuse by an adult male.  It covers a fully integrated risk assessment, which includes the related safety and empowerment issues for the sexual abuser’s partner.

3 days


Sexual abuse risk assessment for child protection and the family courts

The course is for practitioners involved in assessing adult male sexual abusers of sexual abuse and their partners.  It also provides a framework for preparation and production of reports for case conferences and family courts.

3 days


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