Children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviour


We understand that the sexual behaviour of children and young people of all ages can be seen on a continuum from age-expected, mutually agreed sexual behaviours to serious crimes.  Many engage in activities through experimentation and curiosity that form a normal part of sexual development, whilst others engage in behaviour that is clearly harmful and abusive.  Whilst recognising the seriousness of the impact of their behaviour, our approach to this work recognises their status as children or young people and the need to work holistically with them in a way that is sensitive to their developmental stages.

Course title Brief overview Length Level

Sexually Harmful Behaviour: Basic awareness day

The one day course will raise awareness of the continuum of sexual behaviours displayed by young people and explore helpful responses. It will discuss the ‘myths’ often associated with young people who behave in sexually harmful ways and present current research to help guide the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of working with these young people.

1 day Awareness

Assessing risk and needs in adolescents with Sexually Harmful Behaviour

This one day course will provide an overview of assessment models with an emphasis on the importance of assessing strengths as well as areas of concern.  It will provide practical ideas of developing a collaborative approach with the young person (and their family) to the assessment process as well as develop workers’ confidence in why and how we need to ask the questions that we do.

Please note The Lucy Faithfull Foundation advocate the use of AIM2 as a ‘frontline’ tool for assessing young people with SHB.  For information regarding training in the use of AIM2 please contact the AIM Project.

1 day intermediate

Practical skills in helping young people with sexually harmful behaviour engage with intervention targets

Helping young people deal with difficult feelings and improve their relationships with others are common aspects of most intervention plans with young people with sexually harmful behaviour.  This one day interactive course will provide workers with practical techniques and ideas for engaging and developing young people’s emotional regulation, relationship skills and talking about sex.  The importance of making learning fun and interactive for young people is central to the day and workers will take away a range of exercises and resources for their practice ‘tool box’.

1 day


Developing a Good Lives Model Formulation and intervention planning

The course will discuss the importance of individualised formulation for young people to assist understanding the why and triggers to the sexually harmful behaviour.  It will develop workers skills with integrating the Good Lives Model into practice and how to negotiate and plan intervention targets.  This course is aimed at helping workers move on from assessment with young people whilst ensuring that there is a clear link between the intervention plan and risk reduction.

1 day


Applying Schema Therapy in understanding young people with complex needs who display sexually harmful behaviour

The course, facilitated by a tutor qualified in advanced schema therapy, provides an overview of the schema therapy model and how it can be applied to young people who display sexually harmful behaviour.  Practical demonstrations of techniques will be included and participants will have the opportunity to learn new skills through the use of role-play.

1 day


Working with young people with risky internet behaviours

This one day course gives an overview of the current research in to young people’s use of the internet and the types of behaviours that put them at risk of harming others or themselves.  It will cover current legislation, understanding the problem, safety planning with young people and their parents and promoting positive internet use.

1 day


Multi agency working to improve outcomes for young people with sexually harmful behaviour

This event focuses on facilitating multi agency working and action planning to support the development of localised strategy/policy. The aim of this is to promote holistic approaches to assessment and intervention planning in cases of sexually harmful behaviour.  Participants will have the opportunity to identify gaps and strengths in current practice, and to agree how best to work together to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families.

 Half a day or a full day

For managers, commissioners, LSCB's and practitioner groups.

Bespoke packages

LFF are able to deliver bespoke packages of training tailored to meet the needs of professionals/staff working with specialised groups or in unique settings. 

This includes:

• Adolescents with learning difficulties and sexually harmful behaviours
• Young females with sexually harmful behaviours
• Secure or non-secure residential care
• Foster placements
• Health settings
• Education

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