Impact issues for children and young people


For many children who have experienced sexual abuse there will be a sense of betrayal and stigmatisation as a result of threats, secrecy and self-justifying attitudes of the abuser.  They may feel guilt and have a low opinion of themselves, which could lead them into a range of difficult behaviours and subsequent problematic relationships and parenting.  The full extent of harm and the impact on their health and development may not initially be known.  However, we also know that with the right level of support from protective carers and others involved in the child’s life they can develop resilience and coping strategies.  It is crucial to have as much information as possible to help establish the nature of the harm and the protective factors experienced by the young person and their family in order to ensure the right help is offered at the right time.

Course title Brief overview Length Level
Caring for children and young people who have experienced sexual abuse The course aims to help carers and practitioners understand the dynamics of sexual abuse, the effects on children and the implications for their care.  It will also provide practical ideas for safe and therapeutic care. 2 days Awareness
Understanding the impact of sexual abuse on children and young people The course draws upon knowledge of sexual abusing and trauma to enhance participants’ understanding of child sexual abuse, of sexual abuser dynamics and children’s coping strategies. 1 day Intermediate

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