Safeguarding vulnerable adults


Through experience, knowledge and insight gathered over many years of working within the area of child sexual abuse we have gained knowledge of factors that are also relevant for staff responsible for safeguarding vulnerable adults.  Some of the same principles apply, and there are some similar patterns and themes which will help colleagues who work with vulnerable adults in terms of recognising and acting to safeguard vulnerable people.

This course also explores practice  issues, attitudes and dilemmas for staff who offer care services to alleged or convicted violent and/or child sexual abusers because they now require adult care services.

Course title Brief overview Length Level
Someone to Watch Over Me This course is for staff involved in safeguarding vulnerable adults, both in terms of recognition, understanding and acting upon concerns; it will also address some of the practice  issues for staff who offer care services to those with alleged or convicted sexual offences against children. 1 day Intermediate

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