Supporting staff who work with child sexual abuse


The impact on staff of working with, supporting, assessing and intervening in situations involving child sexual abuse can be daunting, emotionally draining and professionally challenging.  Staff are an agencies most important resource and should therefore be supported, valued and trained to undertake this work.  We are keen to assist staff to develop their knowledge, insight and expertise, improve their skills and understand the many issues involved in this complex area of work. This benefits organisations, staff and has a direct and positive impact for children and families.

Course title Brief overview Length Level

Staff selection and the creation of an aware culture

This course is designed for staff engaged in the selection, monitoring, and supervision of staff who work with children and vulnerable groups.

1 day


Staff selection and the creation of an aware culture; an in-depth examination of selection and management systems

The course is designed to provide an in-depth examination of the practical lessons that can be learnt in relation to staff selection and day-to-day management systems.

1 day


Court skills and giving evidence

This course uses our knowledge and experience as Expert Witnesses to provide information about court processes, procedures and presentation skills when giving evidence.  The course offers a refresher on legislation and helps to develop staff competence and confidence when giving evidence relating to child sexual abuse.

Courses are offered for giving evidence in both civil and criminal proceedings respectively.

2 days


Supervising staff involved in post investigation assessment, intervention and treatment in situations involving child sexual abuse

This course is designed to build upon existing supervision skills training.  It focuses on reflective supervision and helps managers/supervisors use reflective practice to explore the issues involved in cases of child sexual abuse, and where there may be impact issues for the member of staff.

1 day


Investigating child sexual abuse

This course is designed to complement interagency investigation training.  It uses knowledge of sexual abusers to help understand the difficulties and dilemmas for children and young people about disclosing sexual abuse.  It also explores how to conduct interviews within the Achieving Best Evidence guidance and how to demonstrate sexual abuser behaviour such as grooming within the interview.

Offered at 2 & 3 days


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