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Inform Plus

The Inform Plus programme is a ten-week course for groups of 6-10 individuals, who have been arrested, cautioned or convicted for internet offences involving indecent images of children.

Facilitated by specialist staff, it provides an opportunity for participants to explore their offending behaviour in a structured but supportive environment, and to devise strategies for avoiding future internet offending.

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The course includes:

  • The behavioural process involved in this type of offending
  • The effects on child victims
  • The impact of the behaviour on the participants and those close to them
  • Information about the criminal justice system
  • Identifying goals for a positive future lifestyle

Information shared during sessions remains confidential unless:

  • It raises concerns about a child at risk
  • A previously unreported offence is disclosed
  • It has been agreed in advance to share information about progress with other agencies

How long is the course and how much does it cost?

The Inform Plus programme runs over 10 weeks with each session lasting 2½ hours. If you cannot attend one of our group programmes, it may be possible for us to deliver it on a one-to-one basis.

As a charity, we have to make a charge to help cover our costs. The cost to participants is £780 payable in advance. If a one-to-one programme is required, the cost is £1080. If this is beyond your means, please let us know and we will try to explore top-up funding from other sources. (costs updated January, 2017)

Where are the courses run?

The course is run in the South East, Avon and Somerset, the Midlands and the North. For further information about the location of these courses, or to find out whether there may be plans for a course in your area, contact us on our Stop it Now! Helpline.

Help for family and friends

We also provide a programme for partners, friends and family of those who have been arrested or are under investigation for indecent images of children offences. For more details, please refer to the Inform page of this site, or download a leaflet.


“It has been difficult, gruelling yet educational and overall a wonderful course. Staff are amazing and in no small way have saved my life.”
“Thank you, it has helped me come to terms with my offending, the impact this has on both me, family, victims, friends and the wider society. I feel, although the immediate future is uncertain, I do have one.”
“It goes without saying that all the facilitators were wonderful at being able to explain themselves, listen to us & give useful feedback. Please keep helping people. I'm sorry that you need to, but finding help is hard.”

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To discuss the course, please call Stop it Now! Helpline

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