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Public Education - Keeping children safe from sexual abuse and exploitation

Awareness sessions for parents, carers and those who work with children and families, as well as direct sessions with children and young people

Who is it for?

Our public education sessions can be specifically targeted to parents, carers, guardians and others who work with children and families such as early years workers, youth group leaders and children's centre staff.

How will this help?

We don't wait until a child has been abused. Our focus is to prevent abuse from happening in the first place. We do this through public education and awareness sessions on a range of subjects - each of which can be tailored to specific needs and contexts.

We can deliver sessions on a range of child sexual abuse prevention topics.

Sessions for adults, and children and young people

Internet Safety - covers the risks to children through:- Content - inappropriate or adult material; Contact - unwanted contact including those who might use the internet to exploit a child; Conduct - cyberbullying and sexting, how to prevent and respond to it. These can be delivered to parents, carers and those who work with children and families, as well to children and young people themselves.

Sessions for adults

Parents Protect! - covers risks to children, how abusers operate, signs to look out for in children, as well as adults who may pose a risk, practical protective measures to take, acting on concerns.

Prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation - covers how exploitation occurs, why victims may not talk about what is happening, spotting the signs, positive preventative action that can be taken, acting on concerns.

Sexual Development in Pre- and Post-Pubescent Children - to build confidence in understanding healthy, developmentally expected behaviours.

Family Safety Plans - advice on how to create a safer environment within the home.

Safeguarding - for individuals and organisations to build more effective safeguarding practices and procedures into daily work.

Attendees told us:

"I will be able to talk to my child better about these issues in the future"
"I could use this with the child-minders I work with and the parent groups I facilitate. Really useful information and great delivery"

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For more information and to discuss your training requirements, contact the Training Coordinator:

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