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Understanding Sexual Exploitation of Children and Young People Training

Stopping people who have sexually abused a child, supporting children

Who is it for?

Our training will benefit all those who work with children and young people. We can adapt content for those who work with adults, residential staff, and those responsible for supervising staff working with people affected by child sexual exploitation.

How will this help?

Our training sessions increase skills in recognising and responding appropriately to child sexual exploitation. We help participants learn how to recognise the range of processes that can lead to children being exploited. And participants gain an understanding of how people who have committed child sexual abuse operate, and what can be done to disrupt them - as well as how to enhance resilience in young people.

Delivered by experienced practitioners, core content includes a definition of child sexual exploitation and presentation of the different models of CSE.

The child's experience of professionals is presented through a video and case studies. Participants are invited to discuss and challenge values and beliefs about sex, consent, sexuality and young people. Small group exercises facilitate enhanced understanding of risk indicators. Participants are enabled to understand the challenges faced by parents and foster carers and how they can overcome them. An insight into the methods employed by people who have sexually abused a child is provided to increase understanding of how they can be disrupted and prosecuted.

Past attendees told us:

"I have learned a lot of relevant information that I am able to take forward within my role and subsequent roles in the future. I feel able to support the carers and young people I work with to provide an abuse-free environment, stability and consistency."
"Informative and delivered in a way that encouraged our input and shared experiences, knowing risk indicators."
"Knowledge of trainers was excellent!!"

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