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The Lucy Faithfull Foundation and Stop It Now! UK and Ireland work to protect all children from all forms of sexual abuse.  We are committed to being there for all those who need us.

Children who are sexually abused, and the adults and young people who harm them, come from all backgrounds, communities and walks of life – and it is important this is recognised in our work and how we develop and deliver services.  

The LFF five-year strategy is built upon three key pillars – reach, research and advocacy. For reach we are committed to harnessing the talents and aspirations of all sections of our society in the prevention of child sexual abuse. Through our research we will widen evaluation to enhance sector insight and our advocacy will shine a light on how communities can contribute to the prevention agenda. 

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation recognises there is still much to do and is committed to continuous improvement in its delivery of a diverse and inclusive service, championing the voice of lived experience and scrutinising our services so that we ensure they reach all.

What are our aims?  

We want all of our services to be available to, and used by, anyone who needs them, no matter their gender, culture, sexuality, sexual orientation and/or gender reassignment, nationally, ethnicity and ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, learning style and past and present life experiences.

What are we doing about equality, diversity and inclusion?  

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