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Expert child sexual abuse and exploitation training

We provide training and consultation services on all aspects of child protection and safeguarding, risk management, sexual offending and child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Our training programmes help individuals and organisations, including frontline workers, volunteers and others working with children and families, further their understanding of child sexual abuse, sexual offending and how to safeguard children.

Our training team will work closely with you to ensure your individual or organisational requirements are met.

Details of forthcoming training dates are updated regularly - if you don't see what you're looking for, please just get in touch to register your interest for specific or future events. 

For more information and to discuss your training requirements, call the Training Coordinator on 01527 406912 or email them

Our training leaflet provides a full overview of our child sexual abuse and exploitation training sessions.

Training for every sector

Our experienced trainers work with a range of statutory and voluntary sector organisations including, but not limited to:

  • Local Authorities
  • Local Safeguarding Children's Boards
  • Police and other law enforcement agencies
  • Education settings including schools, colleges and universities
  • Health services
  • Fostering and adoption services
  • Faith communities
  • Therapeutic services
  • Youth services
  • Community and membership organisations such as Girl Guides/Scouts
  • Residential care units
  • Children's homes
  • Psychologists
  • Counsellors
  • Voluntary and community groups

Training that has an impact

Whilst all the training we deliver includes practical exercises supported by research - we only deliver training which will benefit you, your organisation and your staff, so we work with you to create a package tailored to your context and your needs. Our packages are compiled so that attendees can immediately implement what they have learned into their working practice.

TRAINING RECOMMended by others

This is some of the positive feedback we've received following recent training courses. 

"Thought provoking - encouraged self-reflection on my own opinions/ judgements - had a very practical focus so could easily be directly applied to my job."

“Fantastic training. I have asked service manager if this training can be rolled out to the wider team. I enjoyed hearing from a clearly really insightful, knowledgeable, experienced trainer who was open to hear from others and respond in depth to even slightly off tangent questions”

“Good mix of listening and group work. All chance to feedback and contribute. All valued. Mentimenter is a FANTASTIC resource! Never seen this used before, its great! Been on many courses around sexual abuse but this gave a fresh perspective which was good”

Child sexual abuse and exploitation training subject areas

We cover a range of subject areas, some of which are listed below. For further details on any of the below courses or to discuss your training requirements, contact the training coordinator on 01527 406 912 or email

  1. Understanding Child Sexual Abusers
  2. Understanding Child Sex Abuse and the Internet
  3. Understanding Sexual Exploitation of Children and Young People
  4. Promoting Positive Pathways for Young People who Exhibit Harmful Sexual Behaviour
  5. Assessing the Protective Skills of Mothers, Partners and Adult Carers
  6. Safer Recruitment in Education Settings
  7. Safer Recruitment Training for All Organisations that Work with Children and Young People
  8. Safer Recruitment in Education Settings - Refresher Day
  9. Safer Recruitment Trainer Programme

Understanding child sexual abusers

Does your work bring you into contact with child sex offenders? Do you need to know more to safely assess and manage their potential risk?

The prevention of child sexual abuse requires effective practice in the assessment, treatment and management of abusers and potential abusers. Best practice should be based on sound research as well as the lessons that can be learnt from practical experience. Our training provides the knowledge and insight required to understand the causes and manifestations of child sexual abuse, incorporating perspectives on sexual abuse within the family, and wider perspectives on the impact of the internet and concerns around child sexual exploitation.

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Understanding child sex abuse and the Internet

Do you need to know more about internet offenders and the risks they pose? Are internet offenders a direct risk to children?

The rise in the number of individuals known to be accessing child sexual abuse material on the internet and contacting children for sexual purposes either online or using mobile phones, offers new and substantial challenges to those working in child or public protection. Our training offers professionals who have direct responsibility for the assessment and management of internet offenders, and those whose work brings them into contact with internet offenders, an opportunity to consider those issues, and how those threats might be addressed and managed.

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Understanding sexual exploitation of children and young people

Do you work with children and young people? Could you have a positive impact on those who may be vulnerable to sexual exploitation?

As adults that work with or care for children and young people, it is crucial that we have a good understanding of their vulnerabilities with regard to sexual exploitation. Our training sessions increase skills in recognising and responding appropriately to child sexual exploitation. We help participants learn how to recognise the range of processes that can lead to children being exploited. And participants gain an understanding of how sexual offenders operate, and what can be done to disrupt offenders - as well as how to enhance resilience in young people.

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Promoting positive pathways for young people who exhibit harmful sexual behaviour

Do you work with young people who exhibit harmful sexual behaviour? Do you have concerns about the sexual behaviour of young people you care for?

Research suggests that 25 per cent of all cases of child sexual abuse in the family involve a perpetrator under the age of 18. Professionals and carers must ensure they have the knowledge to see the signs and take appropriate action. Our tailor made training sessions help participants gain the skills to recognise the continuum of sexual behaviour in children and young people. Participants learn how to distinguish between age expected behaviours and those which raise concern. And they are provided with the tools to respond appropriately to young people who exhibit harmful behaviours.

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Assessing the protective skills of mothers, partners and adult carers

Do you work with non-offending partners of contact child sexual offenders? Or with the families of those who have offended online?

Working with non-offending partners is a crucial element of child protection. Where child sexual abuse has occurred, a key question about non-abusing family members can be 'Did they know?' In making decisions about a child's safety, we must also consider carers' ability to protect the child and ask 'Will they be safe in future?' Our tailor-made training sessions help participants gain the skills to assess a carer's strengths and weaknesses in relation to future protection. We develop understanding of the often difficult context for non-abusing parents/carers and the effect of denial, both in offenders and carers. And we help participants consider their own beliefs and responses when assessing non-abusing parents.

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Safer recruitment in education settings

Do you recruit staff or volunteers into state schools, private schools, academies or colleges? Would you benefit from safer recruitment training to meet your safeguarding obligations?

Schools and education settings share with others a duty to safeguard the children in their care. Implementing safer recruitment practices is one way of discharging this safeguarding obligation. Participants gain the skills they need to ensure that safeguarding is at the heart of their recruitment decisions and comply with relevant statutory guidance.

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Safer recruitment training for all organisations that work with children and young people

Do you recruit staff and/or volunteers to work with children and young people? Would you benefit from increased safeguarding skills and confidence in recruiting people safely?

Organisations that work with children and young people, or are involved in providing services for them, have a duty to safeguard and promote their welfare. If you recruit staff and/or volunteers to work with children or young people we can help increase your skills and confidence to ensure you recruit the right people, safely.

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Do you recruit staff or volunteers into state schools, private schools, academies or colleges? Have you completed training to become a SR trainer in the past but not delivered the training for an extended period? Would you benefit from a day's refresher training? Would you like to re-familiarise yourself with current materials?

Retaining your skills and confidence with the up-to-date exercises and materials is a key element in retaining your accredited status as a SR trainer, and in ensuring schools and other settings receive good quality SR training to protect children and prevent abuse.

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Do you recruit staff or volunteers into schools, academies or colleges? Would you or your organisation benefit from you becoming an accredited SR trainer, able to train others?

Acquiring skills and confidence with the up-to-date exercises and materials is a key element in obtaining your accredited status as a SR trainer, and in ensuring schools and other settings receive good quality SR training to protect children, prevent abuse and meet their safeguarding obligations.

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