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Strategy 2016-2019

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation seeks to confront the risk of abuse, and to make children safe, by implementing five key objectives as part of our strategic plan over the next three years.

These are:

  1. We will increase our reach and work directly with 20,000 people who are affected by or worried about child sexual abuse, including concerned parents, victims and with those who have abused, or are at risk of doing so, in order to reduce the risk of future offending and support recovery in families. In addition we will use social media and other digital marketing activity to expand the reach of our work and increase visitor volumes to our websites by 30%.
  2. We will advance the Stop it Now! prevention campaign to equip 14,000 adults with the information and skills they need to better protect children. Beyond these 14,000 adults engaged with us directly, we will also use social media and other digital marketing activity to equip a further 500,000 adults with the skills and information they need to better protect children. We will also develop a new service targeted at young people to enable them to better protect themselves and each other.
  3. We will increase our delivery of training and consultancy by 25% per annum and, using our expert knowledge, will increase the skills of 15,000 professionals that have a responsibility for safeguarding children by 2018.
  4. As specialists in the field we will use our knowledge to engage, challenge and influence government, civil society and other national organisations to place the prevention of child sexual abuse at the forefront of policy development and to raise its profile in the media to increase public understanding.
  5. We will ensure the expertise of our staff remains at the forefront and cutting edge of developments in the field of responding to and preventing child sexual abuse, through training, research and collaboration with academic institutions and child safeguarding agencies.

You can read our Strategic Plan for 2016-2019 here.

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