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The Faithfull Papers

We research and evaluate our work to make sure what we do protects children, and we share the evidence with professionals and the public. We want to make best use of our expertise, our data and our insights, independently and in partnerships, to develop new strategies and interventions that help keep children safe.

We advocate for a greater focus on preventing abuse before it happens and for a public health approach to the prevention of child sexual abuse. Our Faithfull Papers are a series of reports showcasing our understanding of what works to protect children to the widest possible audience – to policymakers, journalists, researchers and partner organisations in the UK and overseas.

Everyone's safer project (19 october 2023)

In September 2021, the KPMG Foundation supported us with funding in collaboration with the University of Surrey to undertake a three-year action research project with four main goals:

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Deterring online child sexual abuse and exploitation: lessons from seven years of campaigning) (31 MARCH 2023)

Online child sexual abuse is a huge and growing problem in the UK and around the world. The scale of the issue – estimates of hundreds of thousands of people in the UK posing a sexual threat to children – mean that law enforcement cannot be the only response and society needs to disrupt these crimes before they happen.

Since 2015 we have run a campaign to deter people from online child sexual abuse, by targeting them with messages that the behaviour is illegal, causes great harm, has huge consequences, and that there is anonymous help to stop. The campaign has reached millions and shown that some people will seek help to change their behaviour, when they know it’s available.

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The indirect harm of online child sexual abuse: the impact on families of people who offend (28 March 2023)

We are delighted to publish the third in the series of our ‘Faithfull Papers’ all about the impact of our Family and Friends Forum. Launched in 2018, the forum is a space for family members and friends of people who have been viewing sexual images of children or sexually communicating with a child online.

The report is based on an evaluation led by Professor Rachel Armitage (University of Huddersfield) to better understand the experience of, and explore the impact on, the family and friends of people who have offended online. Professor Armitage’s evaluation analysed the effectiveness of the forum which is visited by around 40,000 people every year and nearly 2,200 people have posted on the forum.

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Preventing harmful sexual behaviour: evaluating the Risk of Online Sexual Abuse (ROSA) Project (27 June 2022)

Around one-third of child sexual abuse is carried out by under-18s and online harm is a growing problem as young people’s use of technology has increased. To combat these issues, in 2018, we launched the ROSA Project.

Over three years, we worked with young people between the ages of 10-18 who had exhibited technology-assisted harmful sexual behaviour (TA-HSB) to find out about the background to their offending, how to help them not offend again, and how best to put this knowledge into prevention work more widely.

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Confidential support to prevent child sexual abuse: A review of the first 12 months of live chat on the Stop It Now! UK and Ireland helpline (24 March 2022)

We launched a live chat service in September 2020, so that people could get support in a way that suited them. We helped people through nearly 900 chats and found the service to be favoured by people aged 21 and younger and people who haven’t been arrested – key groups to reach with support.

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