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How Your Money Is Spent

Contributing to the protection of children and young people

Each and every donation is vital to us and our work to prevent child sexual abuse. Every gift, large and small, helps us achieve our vision of a world in which children's right to live free from abuse and exploitation becomes a reality.

When you donate to us if you know which project or aspect of our work you would like it to be assigned to, you can let us know, otherwise, we will assign it to the area with the greatest need at the time.

While our work to protect children is wide and varied, here are some examples of the sorts of things your money could help pay for:

£20 helps pay for Parents Protect! information to be distributed to people responsible for protecting children from harm, including parents, carers, health and education staff. 

£40 helps pay for a Stop It Now! helpline operator to answer calls for an hour, ensuring those who need advice, information and support receive it.

£80 helps pay for a Stop It Now! helpline caller to have a call-back with a specialist, enabling those with particular needs to receive in-depth information, help and advice.

£300 helps pay for an awareness session to be delivered to parents, carers and frontline workers such as teachers, arming them with knowledge and tools to protect children. 

£1000 helps pay for a child or young person with worrying sexual behaviour, and their family, to receive specialist face-to-face help.

Our strategy

Our strategic plan 2020-25 outlines how we plan to achieve our vision of a world in which children’s right to live free from sexual abuse and exploitation becomes a reality.

Child sexual abuse is a major public health problem affecting more than a million children under the age of 16 in the UK.

All available evidence indicates that the risk to children has grown during the Covid-19 pandemic. And that’s why we must be stronger, bolder and more innovative in 2020-2025. Our skills and our commitment are needed more than ever.

Our five-year strategy centres around three pillars - reach, research and advocacy:

Reach - our ambition is to ensure that everyone knows we are here for them - whether they need help for themselves or for someone they know.

Research - our ambition is to make best use of our expertise, our data and our insights to develop new strategies and interventions that make prevention real both independently and in partnership with others, sharing our learning about effective practice with agencies and the broader public.

Advocacy - our ambition is to drive forward the preventing child sexual abuse agenda, shape the debate in constructive ways and contribute to domestic and global developments.

Over the next five years we will focus our efforts on making our vision a reality.

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