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Child sexual abuse and exploitation Specialist Consultancy

Our specialist staff can provide expert child protection and safeguarding advice and consultancy to any organisation including statutory, voluntary and commercial companies.

The bespoke service we offer means no two projects are the same. Some consultancy may be coupled with training – and others may involve a review of policies and procedures. Whatever your needs, contact us to see how we can help.

Download our Clinical Services Brochure that outlines our services. For more information and advice contact our Referrals Manager: 01527 591922 or

Case specific advice for statutory authorities

Through our consultancy service, we assist clients to work through complex issues and develop clear and effective action plans. We can offer a comprehensive review of case papers, and provide advice by telephone or through face-to-face sessions with caseworkers.

We help you take a fresh look at the case - which is especially valuable where, for example, the issues are particularly complex and enmeshed, or where attitudes and problems have become entrenched over time, making it difficult to find the best way forward.

We can help caseworkers and their managers to arrive at an overall strategy and to equip them with a step-by-step plan of action.

Some common themes are:

  • Separating out the key issues
  • Identifying what is getting in the way of progress
  • Exploring different approaches
  • Identifying and managing risk factors
  • Harnessing protective factors
  • Understanding and working with denial (offender, partner or family)
  • Identifying resources to meet a range of needs
  • Engaging non-offending partners and families
  • Making and testing hypotheses

Who we work with:

  • Social workers
  • Team managers and family resource workers responsible for assessing risk, devising interventions and implementing risk management plans in families where child sexual abuse has occurred, or where risk is suspected.
  • Probation officers
  • Youth offending workers
  • Public protection police officers responsible for working with sexual offenders in manage risk to children and to the public.

Contact us

For more information and advice contact our Referrals Manager:

01527 591922


Find out more and book onto our child sexual abuse and exploitation training. The various courses are delivered by experienced practitioners and tailor-made to meet your needs.

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risk assessments and  intervention

Our specialist staff provide advice, risk assessments and intervention for adult men and women who have sexually offended a child or young person.

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confidential stop it now! helpline

Anyone with a concern about child sexual abuse and its prevention can anonymously call the Stop It Now! helpline. We encourage you to trust your gut and call, whatever your worry or level of concern.

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inform plus and engage plus

Read about our courses suitable for anyone who has committed an online offence involving children, including grooming to help stop reoffending.

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