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Understanding and preventing online Child Sexual Abuse Training

Child sexual abuse material and online grooming: new threats through new technologies

Who is it for?

Our training will benefit social workers, managers of anyone who has sexually abused a child, police officers and probation officers working with people who have committed child sexual abuse online who are concerned with their assessment and management, as well as others who need to be aware of the risks people who has sexually abused a child online present and how to manage their risk, such as health workers, faith communities, community groups and those responsible for housing.

How will this help?

Our tailor made training sessions help participants understand the drivers and motives of individuals using the internet to engage in child sexual exploitation, be that by accessing Child Sexual Abuse Material, or by grooming children online. Our sessions can be adapted to meet the needs of those who want to better understand people who sexually abused a child online, as well as those who need to enhance and develop existing knowledge.

Based on research about offending and the risk of reoffending, our range of bespoke courses provide a better understanding of:
  • The different types of people who sexually abuse children online and their characteristics
  • The apparent psychological similarities and differences between people who have sexually abused a child online or via contact
  • The different motivations for internet offending
  • Research on recidivism and 'cross over'
  • Assumptions and biases in the assessment of people who have abused children online
  • Understanding and managing specific risks.

We also provide a greater awareness of the range of possible responses when internet offending comes to light and how best to respond.

Drawing upon current research and our own treatment work with people who have sexually abused a child online and their families, our course facilitators explore:
  • Context setting: pornography and the internet
  • Models to help understand sexually abusive behaviour, both in 'online' and 'offline' contexts
  • Risk assessment and risk management issues

Throughout, you will be given the opportunity to explore and discuss the issues related to your work situation using your own case examples and practice.

Past attendees told us:

"Anyone working with children and young adults should do this course. Trainer very knowledgeable."
"Helped to remove some myths/pre-conceptions regarding internet offenders, their risks and sexual interests."
"Excellent training, very relevant and helpful in my practice. Interesting research and well presented. Really enjoyed this training - would like more of the same."

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