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Inform Plus and Engage Plus - for people who have offended online

Our Inform Plus and Engage Plus programmes help people stop offending online. We work with people who have been arrested, cautioned or convicted for internet offences involving indecent images of children or sexual communications with children.

Inform Plus helps people stop viewing indecent images of children. Engage Plus helps stop online sexual communication with children. Both programmes provide an opportunity for participants to explore their online sexual offending in a non-judgemental and supportive environment.

Our programmes are run by specialist and experienced staff. They help participants understand their behaviour and find ways to manage difficult thoughts and emotions and to not offend.

We do also work with women who have been arrested, cautioned or convicted for internet offences involvingindecent images of children or sexual communications with children. 

To discuss the course and availability, please call our confidential Stop It Now helpline (0808 1000 900), use our live chat or send us a secure email.

What do Inform Plus and Engage Plus include?

Both programmes cover a wide range of information.

  • The behavioural process involved in online offending
  • Self-care focusing on feelings of shame, guilt and anxiety
  • The impact of the behaviour on the participants and those closest to them
  • The effect on child victims
  • Information about the criminal justice system
  • Healthy relationships and disclosure
  • Identifying goals and personal strengths to help build a positive future lifestyle
  • Relapse prevention

Participants will also receive a completion letter at the end of the programme, which confirms their attendance and outlines the content of the programme.

How do Inform Plus and Engage Plus work?

The programmes run for ten sessions of around two and a half hours each, with between 6 and 10 participants in a group. It might be possible for us to deliver programmes on a one-to-one basis or to make adjustments to suit a person’s needs.

Information shared during sessions remains confidential and won't be passed on unless:

Read what happened when Peter started our Engage Plus programme.
Read what happened when Hector started our Inform Plus programme.

How much do Inform Plus and Engage Plus cost?

As a charity we have to charge a fee to help cover our costs.

We wouldn’t want anybody’s financial situation to prevent them from accessing our services. If you would like to complete one of our programmes but are experiencing financial challenges, please call us to discuss financial assistance and payment options. 

The above do not apply for Scotland. Please contact us for more information.


All our courses are being delivered remotely through video-conferencing and we hope to resume face-to-face delivery soon. When we are able to, we provide face-to-face courses in the South East, Avon and Somerset, the Midlands, and the North.  


For further information about our courses, including payment options, call our confidential Stop It Now helpline (0808 1000 900), use our live chat or send us a secure email.

Can you also help my family and friends?

We also provide emotional and practical support for partners, friends and family of people who have been arrested, convicted or are under investigation for online sexual offences against children.

For more information, please visit our Inform page.

How we can help you


We have online self-help resources to help you understand your offending triggers and stop risky or illegal online behaviour. We provide confidential support for those who want to change how they act online for good.


Find advice and support if you’re concerned about a relative or friend’s online behaviour. We can help you make sense of an extremely challenging situation.

Concerned about a child or young person?

Our guide provides parents and carers with vital information and support if a child or young person has gotten into trouble online. It is designed to answer some of the immediate questions that adults may have and how to move forward once something has happened.

Information for parents 

Our Parents Protect learning programme provides parents and carers with important information on how to keep children safe from harm both on and offline, how to recognise potential risks and who to talk to if you are concerned.


“It has been difficult, gruelling yet educational and overall a wonderful course. Staff are amazing and in no small way have saved my life.”
“Thank you, it has helped me come to terms with my offending, the impact this has on both me, family, victims, friends and the wider society. I feel, although the immediate future is uncertain, I do have one.”
“It goes without saying that all the facilitators were wonderful at being able to explain themselves, listen to us & give useful feedback. Please keep helping people. I'm sorry that you need to, but finding help is hard.”

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To discuss the courses, please call our confidential Stop It Now! helpline (0808 1000 900) or use our secure messaging service or live chat

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