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Leave a gift in your will And become a faithfull friend

Why leave a gift in your will?

Child sexual abuse is a problem that spans generations. It affects both those who have been abused and their families, as well as the families of those who abuse. And we know the problem isn’t going away.
A gift in your Will is an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy to a cause you care about.

Impact of leaving a gift in your will

Your gift, no matter the size, will have a valuable and lasting impact on our work to keep children safe from sexual abuse. It is a gift that costs you nothing now, but will make a real difference in creating a safer future for children.

Leaving a gift in your Will enables skilled advisors to answer calls, emails and live chats on our Stop It Now! helpline. Every year, more than 7,000 people receive vital child protection advice and support from our team.

Leaving a gift in your Will ensures that our experts produce resources for parents, carers and professionals to learn about the warning signs of abuse, how to talk about consent and other key information to help keep children safe from harm.

Your legacy will be at the forefront of our living-saving work to anticipate the next serious risk that children might face – and to create interventions and campaigns that save them from harm.

How do I leave a charity gift in my will?

Read through our legacy pack guide which includes all the information you need to start writing your Will. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions here

Write your will for free online

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation have partnered with Kwil to offer our supporters the opportunity to write or update their Will for free in as little as 30 minutes.

To redeem your free Will* simply click here and use code LUCY at checkout.

To speak to someone at Kwil, you can call 0800 061 4934 to talk you through the process.

For detailed advice on structuring your Will efficiently (to ensure you take full advantage of the potential tax relief referred to above, for example) you may of course prefer to consult your own solicitor.

If you’re thinking about leaving a gift to The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, our friendly team are here to help. Email our fundraising team or call us on 01372 847 160.

*Remember, if you use our free Will service, you don't have to leave a gift to us in your Will - providing for your family, friends and loved ones should always come first. But if you do choose to remember us, thank you. Your gift will help us to prevent more children from being harmed.


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