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Sex offender assessment and treatment

Adult female sex offenders

Internet sex offenders

Public education

A primary prevention programme in primary schools

2013 Research with internet offenders

Initial research findings into the motivations, behaviour and actions of people who view indecent images of children (often referred to as child pornography) have been released by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation.

The qualitative research involved hearing from Internet Offenders in their own words about what prompted them to begin viewing indecent images of children; how their illegal behaviour developed over time; methods used to find and view images; potential strategies for desisting; and how they are managing this behaviour at present.

It is hoped the research will lead to the development and implementation of new strategies to tackle the global problem of indecent images of children, in particular to prevent the first viewing of child sexual abuse images.

Download and read the 'Research Briefing' - including recommendations for Government and others.


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Adult female sex offenders
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Note:  The research co-authored with Professor Tony Beech, Dr Ian Elliott, Dr Steven Gillespie and Rebecca Williams was undertaken as a collaboration between Lucy Faithfull Foundation and the University of Birmingham

Internet sex offenders

Online behaviour related to child sexual abuse
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Public education

Keeping the Public in Public Protection - A report on two pilot community education campaigns for the prevention of child sexual abuse

A primary prevention programme in primary schools

Hedgehogs Pilot Programme Evaluation Report
Whitehead, H. (2012). Hedgehogs Pilot Programme Evaluation Report. The Lucy Faithfull Foundation.

Hedgehogs Pilot Programme Evaluation Executive Summary
Whitehead, H. (2012). Hedgehogs Pilot Programme Evaluation Executive Summary. The Lucy Faithfull Foundation.

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